The Descendant: The Other Half Of You


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 I think it's important for anyone who is in a relationship, out of one, or simply just curious what kind of partner they attract or are attracted to, to check out Wayman's e-book on the Descendant. He breaks down everything very concisely and goes into depth about each subject. As a Gemini Rising/Sagittarius Descendant, everything he said rang true. Great job!  --- Joshua   

In astrology, the Descendant is the opposite angle of the Ascendant, which represents your sense of individuality, perspective, and your general demeanor and persona. So, the Descendant conversely shows us how our point of view shifts whenever we are in close relation to others, primarily in romantic partnerships or close friendships. Any relationship does require compromise and the Descendant is how we meet someone halfway. It’s what we expect from them in the partnership but it’s also what we have to give to them in that partnership. Therefore, it not only describes the sort of partner that we seek, which is the go-to description of this placement in astrology, but the kind of partner that we are and what we have to offer in relationships.    

With this e-book, The Descendant: The Other Half Of You, I discuss all twelve Descendant placements, from Aries to Pisces, and how they manifest in each person’s life, including what they’re looking for in a relationship, the type of partner they want, the type of partner they are, and how they appeal to others (not just in one-on-one partnership but also in terms of appealing to the public). The final section describes how to be your own partner, which is an important element of the Descendant. We can engage in relationships looking to be completed by the other person somehow, wanting them to make up for something we seemingly lack. But, you do not lack your Descendant qualities. You may just lack awareness of them. And it’s by loving those qualities within yourself that you will be able to truly give and receive love in relationships.    

Sorting out one’s love life is one of the most common motivating factors toward understanding astrology. And if you’re looking to do so, you should start with this e-book.   


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