Sun in Leo | Moon in Scorpio | Aquarius Ascendant | ENFP    

Hi, I’m Wayman. I’ve been studying astrology now for almost a decade. I discovered astrology in 2008 when I first had my chart done. After years of being fascinated with this spiritual system and not knowing much about it, I learned the depths and complexities of astrology the moment I pulled up my birth chart. Ever since then, it’s been an ongoing love affair. Something about astrology has always made sense to me, even when I only knew about Sun signs. My love of it developed from obsessive studies and online chats on message boards to creating my own blog, Astrology Arena. I first began it in 2012 and then re-started it in 2014. Several months after the blog’s reboot, in the latter part of 2014, I found myself doing readings for people, all while constantly writing articles for the blog.    

Fast forward to mid-2017 and me making the decision to start my own YouTube channel on astrology. In addition to doing regular videos, I’ve also switched from doing written readings to video readings, seeing it as a way to re-energize my services. I also decided to end Astrology Arena after three years. After making these numerous changes, I’m looking forward to the future, which includes continuing my channel and my readings, as well as the creating and selling of a series of e-books, the first of which I completed in 2017.   

 Astrology being as old as it is means that the message can get quite repetitive. So, I like to think that I add my own flair to what I do, thanks to my various astrological influences. As a Leo, I want people to view their chart with confidence and a sense of what their strengths are and how they can shine, instead of getting down on themselves with a doom-and-gloom take on their placements. I want you to use your birth chart to live your life as fully as you can. With my Moon in Scorpio, I am perceptive and able to understand all of the complexities that make up a person. Synthesis (how the various placements combine to create a specific energy) is an important part of this ancient art, after all. It’s an influence of mine that makes me even more intent on empowering you.    

And my Aquarius Rising (and North Node) makes me an independent thinker, someone who prides themselves on a unique, often out-of-the-box stance that is unlike most people’s. I like challenging conventional notions about placements and going against the usual interpretations to see things my way and open your mind in the process. It also is an energy that makes it easier for me to naturally understand this unusual language and see the scientific side of it that not everyone does.    

I have been so enlightened and have grown so much in my own life because of astrology. I hope I can help you embark on the same journey.