According to Wayman

What Are The Planets Telling You?

  Wayman's astrological insights are uncanny. I have never had a reading that was so in-depth and so aptly spot-on.  If you're looking to discover and work with what makes you uniquely you, then I would highly recommend a reading with Wayman. 

--- Michele   

 Wayman did two readings for me; the first one, a birth time rectification chart, and, the second one, a natal chart reading.  On both readings, he was concise, detailed, and eerily correct!  He knew just what questions to ask, and for the natal chart, he didn't leave a planet or aspect undiscussed in detail. I promise you will not regret [buying] it. It is worth every penny!  

 --- Gwendolyn   

Most people do not know the true meaning of astrology until they get their chart done. Instead of a generalized, superficial way of dividing people into 12 signs, your birth chart alone is full of multiple signs and influences that make you specifically you. And I'm here to help you understand that, whether you're new to astrology or a long-time student. So, let's dive right in!